Web Application Development

With the advent of smart phones, web applications have skyrocketed in popularity. Anyone with a smart phone can access information 24/7 and applications are ideal for websites you frequent.

In the mobile world, many businesses need applications that are specific to their business and can be accessed remotely. The choice is a mobile app (for IPhone and Android devices) or a web app. Mobile apps are relatively more expensive to develop and if they need to access the firms database. Web apps on the other hand provide this flexibility and are cheaper to develop using standard development tools.

Smart Inspection

With our Smart Inspection app, our clients can take a tablet on-site and rank each item that needs to be inspected. A report is then generated and emailed to the client while on site.

Smart Live Chat

With our Smart Live Chat app, you can talk to every person who visits your website. This strategy is great for converting visitors over to customers.

Smart Compliance

If you’re a scaffolder for example, you can use our Smart Compliance app to check off tasks and generate reports. This is great for streamlining processes!

Smart Catering

We have a range of catering clients that use our Smart Catering app to manage ingredients and generate a pick and pack list to reduce waste and time spent on ordering.

A web application is an app or customised software application that is accessed by users over the Internet. Due to the accessibility of the Internet, web applications continue to grow in popularity as they can be accessed anywhere, anytime without the need for downloading software to an individual system – essentially we can build anything!

Unlike traditional based applications, customised web applications are easier to use, accessed 24/7 and are successfully function across a range of platforms. No longer will you need to worry about maintenance, supply costs and those long downloads we all despise.

As businesses progressively entering the digital space, it becomes clearer that providing access to mission critical applications over the net is a cost effective, reliable and efficient means for staff to access those applications wherever they are.

Our team of web based application developers can develop an application to suit your business, requirements and budget. Are you a building inspector, real estate agent or conduct inspections of any sort?

Our inspections web based application assists people undertaking on-site inspections and require a report in check point form. Our workflow web based application developed for the catering industry. Essentially, if you have an idea that will increase your business productivity and streamline the list checking processes, talk to WebSmart Marketing