Account Management

Our Account Management service focuses on the second and third pillar of SEO – content and social. The WebSmart team specialises in social media, e-marketing, blogging, copywriting, photography and videography.

We utilise a blend of strategies suitable for your business to deliver key messages to your customers. Our Account Management team will plan, organise, motivate and control your online marketing in order to achieve your business goals.

Social Media

Social Media include such sites as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ where people gather together and share in conversations. Social media is really crucial to your online marketing.

Integrating your branding messages across cross-channel platforms will add value to your website and enable a whole new plethora of opportunities to convert leads into sales. If you’re not a part of the conversation, you’re going to lose out to your competitors – it’s as simple as that.

With the changing face of SEO, it is now clear that you must generate traffic via social media too. The more informative content you post, the higher your chances that Google will recognise the value of your website. The goal of using social media in your business is to build your customer base on these mediums and bring them onto your website to be converted in the back end.

Email Marketing

In an environment such as ours, marketing is both tough and essential. You must put your best foot forward and the most effective way to do that is with an integrated marketing program using a variety of tools.

For effective marketing, a combination of your website, advertising, public relations and digital marketing in a coordinated effort. At WebSmart Marketing, we deliver highly informative and strategic newsletters that actually speak to your customers.

Picture this… imagine having a list of people that love your business & have purchased from you before, that want you to contact them regularly when you have news & specials – this is e-Marketing!

The email broadcasting process is designed to promote new products or specials to the email address base & to maintain your business’s visibility with the client. We recommend one email broadcast per month, to a list of no less than 100 emails. Your client list of addresses is kept in a secure Web Smart database dedicated to your website.

From this you can target specific groups with specific messages – perhaps offer a special for father’s day or a friendly birthday discount. Sound simple? It is simple, but it requires some planning. We can help you integrate this component into your overall strategy.

Blogs and Articles

Google recognises up to date and valuable content. This content can be delivered through your website, social media, newsletters and blogs. Blogs are a great way to keep your website current.

They are a great tool for introducing specific content to your customers. Professional bloggers understand what topics should be written about, how to utilise words to capture your audience and know how to deliver this in a digital capacity. Blog posts should be very strategic, only offering informative content related to your field.


When most people think about getting a website designed the first thing they think of is the design. But it’s not the design that’ll sell your prospects; it’s the words on the page.

Words on the page are the single most important factor in the success of your website because it’s only through words that you can clearly communicate an offer so compelling that your prospects are jumping over one another to take you up on it.

Creative copy is essential for the website of today. Our professional copywriters can produce high quality, original content to accurately represent our client’s products & services. We all know you go to a website to read, and for this reason, alluring copy is the key selling point.